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Review- Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 may have been surpassed by the newer Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus, but it was an important tablet in its time and remains a worthy gadget if you think it's right for you.

Thanks to Apple’s complete dominance of the tablet market - and the iPad Pro’s creation and mastery of a new super-tablet tier - few rival manufacturers dare stick their heads above the premium tablet parapet. Samsung is a notable exception, having consistently turned out svelte and well-spec'd pro tablets.

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Even Samsung appeared to balk in the face of Apple’s onslaught when it led with the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e earlier in 2019. But the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gives us the Android tablet champion we’ve been craving.

The good news is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is without a doubt the finest Android tablet money can buy. The question that remains to be answered is whether the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is good enough to merit serious consideration alongside the iPad Pro.


  • Beautiful Super AMOLED display
  • Speedy performance
  • Excellent S Pen comes as standard

  • Samsung’s One UI still not perfect
  • No headphone jack
  • Expensive for an Android tablet