Apple Watch 4 review

the Apple Watch 4 is still a robust smartwatch, with an upgraded design and display compared to the still-on-sale Apple Watch 3, along with an ECG sensor to track a user's heart rate, making one of the most desired timepieces in the world even more desirable.

The larger screen and more raounded edges are much nicer to look at and offer more functionality, and it also adds in some extra features too that are designed for those who are a little more vulnerable or suffer certain health conditions. 

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When it was released, the Apple Watch 4 was one of (if not the) best smartwatch around.

But it's getting on a bit now, having been superseded not only by the Apple Watch 5 but by the even newer Apple Watch 6, while if you're on a budget there's also now an affordable Apple Watch SE, which you might want to consider rather than this older model.

Apple clearly believes smartwatches are here to stay - the Watch 4 utterly proves that. The design alone is a big upgrade, with the screen offering far more visibility, and while the health benefits are only going to help a subset of users, they're welcome and show the direction Apple is heading. If it had better battery life, and thus was better able to track sleep, the Watch 4 could have been the perfect smartwatch.

Apple Watch 4


  • Larger displa
  • Lightweight design
  • Louder speaker

  • Still on the pricey side
  • Battery life needs to be more than two days